Invigorate Pre- Blended Massage Oil



For clients who want to add a zing to their massages, try Salonserve’s Invigorate pre-blended oil.

Guaranteed to revive even the most tired souls, this glorious liquid magic contains the wide-reaching effects of lemongrass, basil and ginger essential oils.

Basil oil, for instance, is commonly used for its antidepressant qualities – ideal for guests who need an emotional uplift – while lemongrass oil provides essential relief from digestive issues.

Begin your massage with a rejuvenating scrub (code MO2S), with sea salt to thoroughly prepare the skin for treatment, stimulating circulation to awaken muscles.

Post-massage, apply the matching luxurious body butter (code MO2B) to enhance the results of your hard work and heighten the scent-sation for your client, with super nourishing avocado, moisturising shea and cocoa, the indulgent body butters make for the ultimate conclusion to your massage therapy.

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  1. Emilene Conder

    one my clients and myself favourite oil for massage love this one.

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