Salonserve Diamond Microdermabrasion

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Sturdy stainless hand piece

7 piece diamond tip set

Vacuum hose

3x filter

Traditional microdermarasion is the process of spraying the crystals to remove the outer most layer of dry, dead skin cells. The diamond microdermerbrasion replaces the microcrystal flow with the diamond tipped wand, to allow greater precision and thus less irritation for delicate skin. A non-invasive treatment, it’s ideal for clients looking for instant results without going under the knife and has a myriad of uses for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, removing acne scars, minimising pores, calming sun damage and evening out  the skin tone. Diamond coated tips in a range of sizes and coarseness, you can tailor your treatment to suit different types and depths of resurfacing. Advancing the scoop of your other treatments, it makes a great add-on to you bottom line.

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