Heaven Scent Pre- Blended Massage Oil



Every woman’s dream: a pre- blended oil which tackles troubling hormonal issues such as PMS and PMT.

Packed full of exquisite aromatic oils to boost your physical and psychological mood. Laden with sweet almond (nourishing effects on the skin), vitamin E (to combat free radicals to fight the signs of ageing), evening primrose oil (GLA properties essential in fighting pain and inflammation), rose oil, queen of flowers, (to regulate and balance hormones), cypress oil (to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve painful heavy periods) and organic rose geranium (a wonderful aroma that balances hormones and eliminates excessive fluid retention).

Lastly, star anise calms dreaded menstrual cramps and revives tired and stressed minds.

Because the oil works on a hormonal level, do not use if pregnant.



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